Vaccinations During Lockdown

We can provide routine vaccinations as we have social-distancing measures in place.

Chertsey Vets have gone beyond other practices, in that we have fully-screened consult rooms, where you can see your pet being examined and see and speak to the vet.

We do not ask you to have a face to face consult, and we don't ask you to wait outside in the cold.

Background to Vaccination 

Vaccination so far has created really good herd immunity, just think when you last heard of distemper or viral hepatitis in dogs in the UK? What about parvovirus?


When did you last hear of feline leukaemia or panleukopaenia?

This is because we vaccinate the majority of the dog and cat population against these diseases, so they can't rise up and take hold.



If you have just got a puppy, they MUST stay indoors until they are fully vaccinated, or they could contract FATAL diseases.

Dogs need a yearly LEPTO vaccination in order to stay protected from Weils Disease (from rats)


Immunity to parvo, hepatitis and distemper is longer lasting than lepto. 

For those dogs who have become overdue for their vaccines as a results of COVID-19 restrictions, you should:

  • Make sure you make an appointment for vaccines as soon as possible

  • Lepto 2 will only need a single booster if less than 3 months overdue, and a course of 2 vaccines 2 weeks apart if over 3 months overdue

  • Lepto 4  will need two injections, 4 weeks apart if the dog is more than 6 months overdue

Keeping your dogs safe if their vaccinations have lapsed:

- avoid contact with other dogs

- avoid contact with other dogs’ faeces

- avoid contact with rats and stagnant water (rats harbour leptospirosis) - this includes avoiding walking in areas where you have seen rats, as leptospirosis is excreted in their urine and survives in wet conditions and in stagnant water (including rain puddles, but usually not in sea water)


If you have a puppy, please see more information about activities and socialisation. 




If you have just got a kitten, then they should be kept inside until they have been neutered (we normally do this at 5-6months old). You must keep your kitten in until they are vaccinated.

Cats need a leukaemia vaccine every year. 


Immunity to flu/entrtitis is longer lasting than leukaemia.


For those cats who become overdue for their vaccines, the current recommendation is to repeat the course (2 injections 3-4 weeks apart) if they are more than 2 months overdue. 


Please make an appointment for your cat’s vaccinations as soon as you can.

Keeping your cats safe if their vaccinations have lapsed:

- if you can keep your cats indoors without causing them stress, please do so. If they are getting stressed, please contact us for advice.

- the ISFM website has a lot of useful information on stress in cats and how to keep indoor cats happy, please have a look at and follow the links