Emergency Vet in Chertsey

24-Hour Emergency Vet in Chertsey

For emergency vet care when the surgery is open please call 01932 565082

Today the surgery is .

For emergency vet care when the surgery is closed call 07921 815898.

Chertsey Vets’ out of hours emergency vet

When the Chertsey Vets surgery is closed, do not worry, just call the practice number or the emergency number and we will see you at the clinic. The out of hours emergency telephone number is 07921 815898.

We are the only vets in Chertsey who provide an emergency service in the area. As your pet will be seen at our clinic on Guildford Street, we have access to your pet’s clinical notes. This is vital for long-standing or complicated conditions and shows the commitment we have to continuity of care.

It is often difficult to know whether it is an emergency, but our advice is:

“If you are worried enough to be thinking of calling a vet, then there is a problem.”

Just call us, we can discuss your concerns and advise you on whether you need to be seen out of hours, or whether it can wait until morning.

On rare occassions we ask clients to attend a nearby vet emergency centre (North Surrey Vet Emergency) if we happen to be unavaliable, however, we cover over 95% of emergencies in house.

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