Acupuncture for pets in Chertsey

Whilst the therapeutic benefits of acupuncture have been recognised in the human population for more than 3,000 years many people don’t realise that pets can benefit from the same treatments and techniques. We offer Acupuncture for pets from our Chertsey surgery for a wide range of pets and conditions.

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What to Expect

Only Veterinary surgeons are qualified to perform acupuncture on animals. Your pet will receive an initial 45-minute consultation with a full physical examination, where we discuss your pet’s problems in detail, this also allows time for your pet to be relaxed in the practice.

Weekly follow-up sessions (15-20 mins) over the next 4-6 weeks allow a response to be established.

After that, we do top-up sessions as required, this differs between patients.

Pets often fall asleep during sessions and the needles are very tiny, pets rarely even notice them going in!

The most common condition we treat is arthritis, for which acupuncture frequently provides great results, with pets managing to carry on for much longer than expected.

Two of our acupuncture patients are Bella and Josie.

Bella a yellow Lab who is now 13 years old, was given a poor prognosis after ligament problems and a surgery on one of her legs left her with mobility difficulties. She has been managed with anti-inflammatory tablets and acupuncture, along with occasional hydrotherapy for over three years now.

Josie is a Labrador and is 13 years old now! A combination of acupuncture, cartrophen, and anti-inflammatory tablets mean she is still able to live a full life, enjoying regular walks and trips to the beach!

Great Results from Pet Acupuncture

Not just for arthritis, acupuncture can be used for numerous conditions, just call or email us and we’d be happy to discuss your pet’s needs.

Rottweiller patient at Chertsey Vets

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