Digital X-Ray

On-site X-Ray for pets in Chertsey Vets

The vets at our Guildford Street surgery use digital x-rays for instant diagnosis of internal injuries and problems. Seeing what\'s going on inside an animal can be crucial to the correct treatment, especially as animals cannot describe feelings to us.

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Digital X-Ray makes referral less stressful

One of the key advantages to using digital rather than traditional x-ray is the ability it gives Tristan and the team to share x-ray data by email. This means our vets can refer the x-rays, without necessarily referring your pet, which can help in a much quicker diagnosis of ailments that require a specialist opinion.

We also have access to a same day referral service for x-rays, meaning we can get an expert interpretation within hours.

Help alleviate the financial stress of unexpected treatment

X-ray can really help your pet so we strongly recommend taking out pet insurance, or to consider interest free credit, to help you cover the cost of any veterinary treatment that your pet requires for illness or injury.

Bone model used to describe bone issues to clients at Chertsey Vets

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