Endoscopy and Laproscopic Spay Referrals

We offer a referral service for veterinary surgeons.

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If you are an owner, you can ask your vet to refer your pet to us for examination, and then treatment can continue at your own clinic.

Specialist Surgeons

Dr Tristan has undergone advanced specialist training in endoscopy and endosurgery alongside human surgeons at the Royal Free Hospital, using NHS training facilities, he is also studying for further qualifications in endosurgery.

Surgery using cameras requires a great deal of skill and training, and means that we can investigate and treat conditions in our patients, without the trauma of having open surgery, and a large incision to heal.

We find this an increadibly rewarding technique, especially for our older patients, who we need to perform investigations on to find out what's wrong with them, but we would ideally not want them to be put through a major surgery that will take 2 weeks to recover from.


With Keyhole surgery (also known as endosurgery) we use tiny incisions, and our patients often don't even realise that they've had a procedure done.


Did you know that in a recent study of dogs with ear disease, over 80% of dogs actually had a burst ear drum.

This means that any medication put down the ear, could go into the middle ear and cause permanent nerve damage.

That's why we offer a video otopscopy service, where we use a tiny camera to safely examine the inside of the ear, meaning that your dog or cat can be treated appropriately and not via guesswork.


Chronic sneezing can be a sign of a serious underlying condition, which can often only be diagrosed by using specialist equipment to examine inside the nose.



Keyhole Spay

A spay is musch better being carried out by keyhole surgery rather then via open, traditional surgery.

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