Here is a guide to help you:

What is an Emergency:

  • Vomiting that won't stop

  • Collapse or unable to sand up

  • Not weight bearing on a leg

  • Bleeding from anywhere

  • Wounds

  • Dog bites - they look like small holes, but will need treatment, and could have caused internal damage

  • Hit by a car: you pet may look ok on the outside, but may have internal damage and bleeding

  • Fitting

  • Sudden swelling in the tummy/abdomen,

  • Diarrhoea/vomiting in a puppy/kitten, (or in an adult pet which also has other conditions)

  • Eye that is closed and won't open,

  • If you see your pet eat something that is toxic (human medications), or if they chew and eat a toy or other foreign body

  • Unable to eat/suddenly drooling

  • Vocalising and showing signs of pain

  • Not eating in a cat or rabbit

  • Increase in drinking, or vulval discharge, in a female dog who hasn't been spayed

  • No progress for an hour during labour

  • Sudden yellowing of eyes or skin

  • Rapid breathing

  • Pale gums

  • Weak or rapid pulse

  • Bloat - owners of large breed dogs know to look out for GDV signs

  • Unable to urinate - this may look like constipation, so please call us, as a blocked bladder can be fatal within hours

  • Falling over - dogs and cats don't lose their balance unless there is a serious problem going on 

  • Sudden loss of use of hind legs 

  • Gagging/unable to breathe

  • Bulging eye/eyes

  • Swollen face - often as a result of allergy or a bee/wasp sting

  • Coughing up blood/nose bleed 

  • Burns

  • An exposed bone - e.g. toes or tail

What is Urgent: depression, lethargy, diarrhoea of more than 3 days, or with blood in it, medication collections for chronic conditions, red/sore/weeping areas of skin, not eating in a dog for more than 2 days, euthanasia for welfare reasons.

What is Non-Urgent: Weight clinics, worming, flea treatment, life-stage diet collections, nail clips, neutering, scaling and polishing teeth, hair/coat de-matting, scratching, booster vaccinations, microchipping, dental check-ups, puppy first vaccinations (please just keep your puppy indoors until we can do these, don't take your puppy out, or they could get Parvo, or lepto, and die), seeing fleas or worms.


For all non-urgent cases: we can do a phone or video consultation instead, and can post medications to you.

In an emergency, please call 01932 565082 and our experienced staff can help you over the phone and advise you on what to do. 


When the practice is closed, for Out-of Hours emergencies (including during COVID-19 Lockdown), please call 01932 565082 and you will be given the number of our dedicated emergency service nearby.

We work with North Surrey Vet Emergencies (NSVE) based in east Molesey, just 15 minutes drive from Chertsey.

NVSE are a dedicated night service, with experienced vets and nurses on duty

See more about out-of-hours care