Female Dog Spay

We recommend that all female dogs are spayed (neutered) unless you wish to breed from them.

Our preferred technique at Chertsey Vets is a keyhole spay.



Why Spay?


  • Prevents unwanted pregnancies - a litter of puppies will take up time and money

  • A female dog of any age is at risk of a serious infection of the womb (pyometra) - this risk is eliminated by removing the ovaries.

  • The womb under influence of hormones from the ovaries, can also become cancerous later in life

  • Removing the ovaries reduces the chance of mammary tumours (breast cancer) 

Please talk to us about the best time to spay your dog, this can be done from five months old.

What Happens in a Spay?

  • A traditional spay procedure removes both ovaries and the womb (uterus), so that there is no possibility of pregnancy 

  • A keyhole spay only removes the ovaries, we leave the womb behind.

  • Your dog will have a pre-op assessment by one of our vets, and you will be given instructions for the day of the procedure

  • The procedure is carried out under a general anaesthetic

  • Your dog will normally go home the same day

Why a Keyhole Spay?

Just as in human surgery, we prefer a minimally invasive approach too.

Keyhole spay compared to traditional spay:

  1. Reduces post-operative pain 

  2. Reduces infection risk

  3. Reduces inflammation in the abdomen, because no hands enter to handle the tissues

  4. Quicker healing time as the incisions are so tiny

  5. Recovery within 2-3 days rather than 10-14 days

  6. We can also look around the whole abdomen during the spay, to check that everything looks ok

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