Female Dog Spay

We recommend that all female dogs are spayed (neutered) unless you wish to breed from them.

At Chertsey Vets we use keyhole surgery. Find out more here.



Why Spay?


  • Prevents unwanted pregnancies - a litter of puppies will take up time and money

  • A female dog of any age is at risk of a serious infection of the womb (pyometra) - this risk is eliminated by removing the ovaries.

  • The womb under influence of hormones from the ovaries, can also become cancerous later in life

  • Removing the ovaries reduces the chance of mammary tumours (breast cancer) 

Please talk to us about the best time to spay your dog, this can be done from five months old.

We offer keyhole spays as standard, and you can book a pre-spay appointment here

Cat With Blue Eyes

Female Cat Spay

We recommend that unless you wish to breed from you cat, you should have her spayed (neutered) from around 5-6 months of age

Why Spay?

  • No unwanted pregnancies - raising and caring for kittens takes up time and money

  • Reduced risk of disease transmission - for example Feline Leukaemia Virus and Feline AIDS

  • Reduced 'vocalisation' - she will come into season every few weeks and will be very noisy when she does!

A spay procedure is very straightforward:

  • Your cat will have a health check beforehand, so we can listen to her heart and check her overall health

  • The spay procedure is carried out under a general anaesthetic, and she will normally go home the same day

  • You will be given detailed care instructions as part of her pre-op consultation

If you are considering spaying, and would like to discuss any aspects of the procedure prior to bringing your cat in, please contact us

If you are considering breeding from your cat for the first time, we recommend that you make an appointment with one of our vets, who can give you advice, and also ensure that your cat is healthy enough and correctly vaccinated, to make the pregnancy as successful as possible.