COVID-Secure Consult Rooms

We are open though Lockdown-3,

because we have covid-secure screened consult rooms, and you will not come into contact with our staff. 

At busy times, the pods may be in use, and your consult will be carried out by telephone or video call.

You can now see the vet and nurse via a perspex/glass screen, with no face-to-face contact, but you can see and talk to our staff, and see your pet the whole time.

Peace of mind for you!

No more waiting on the street, however you are still welcome to have your consultation via video or phone if you would prefer to stay outside or in your car.

If you are isolating, or have symptoms, you should NOT come to the clinic, please call us on 01932 565082 and we can help make a plan to get your pet seen and treated. 


How does our COVID-secure consulting process work?

You come into a waiting area with your pet, and a receptionist will take your details via a screened door. 

If you would prefer to wait outside or in your car, you can either ring the buzzer at the door and speak to reception, or you can call us by phone to let us know that you have arrived.

You will then be asked to enter one of our consulting pods, where the vet or nurse will discuss the reason for your visit and take your pet's history from the other side of the screen.

A member of staff will then collect your pet and take them around to the vet-side of the screen, and you can then see and hear the examination taking place. 

After your consultation, you can pay and collect any medication from the screened door, and the nurse will hand your pet back to you.

We use a disinfectant fogging machine periodically during the day to ensure that surfaces are safe to touch. 

Door handles and payment keypads are cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectant after every touch.

See a video tour here: