Christmas Opening Hours


Monday 23rd: 8.30-6.30

Tuesday 24th: 8.30-12.30, then please call NSVE

Wednesday 25th: Merry Christmas! We are closed, please call NSVE 

Thursday 26th: Closed, please call NSVE

Friday 27th: Open for emergencies

Saturday 28th: Closed, please call NSVE

Sunday 29th: Closed, please call NSVE

Monday 30th: Open for emergencies

Tuesday 31st: 8.30-12.30, then please call NSVE


Wednesday 1st: Happy New Year! We are closed today, please call NSVE

Thursday 2nd: Normal hours from now onwards, and we can all spend the next few weeks writing 2019 instead of 2020.

North Surrey Vet Emergencies (NSVE) are a dedicated out of hours service.


They have a vet and nurse on duty, and are there to help you with advice, or a consultation, if you need them when we are closed.


They work on a shift pattern, day and night, so do not worry that you are waking the vet up if you call during the night.