Admit Form

Please fill out this form before you bring your pet to the clinic for their procedure. You should complete and send this form to us no more than 3 days before your admit appointment. 

Is your pet up to date with their UK vaccinations?
I would like my pet to have:
A pre-anaesthetic blood sample makes an anaesthetic safer. An IV drip during an anaesthetic helps your pet have a safer anaesthetic and recovery.
K-laser therapy speeds up wound healing, getting your pet back to normal activity sooner. K-laser treatment is included in the price of your procedure
Please select any additional services required (there may be a charge for these if you are not a member of our Healthy Pet Club)
An estimate has been discussed with me. I am aware that an estimate is not a guaranteed price, and there may be some variation. Any significant changes in fees will be communicated to me.
I will be settling my bill by:
My pet is having a sedation or general anaesthetic. I understand that they must not be fed after midnight the night before the procedure, but must have access to fresh water.

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