About Chertsey Vets in Chertsey

A vet in Chertsey with a difference

Chertsey Vets is family-owned independent veterinary practice in the town centre area of Chertsey. Our friendly staff, professional approach and comprehensive range of services and facilities attract clients from Chertsey, ​Addlestone, Thorpe and Ottershaw who are looking for a vet they can trust.

We are proud to say that we are truly independent and unlike some local practices, we are not owned by financial investors, or run from a central head office. We have complete freedom to use and provide whichever medicines and services are most appropriate for your pet.

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Our Team

We are immensely proud of the work that our team undertake to care for your pets.

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Our Services

We offer the broadest range of high quality veterinary services in Chertsey and the surrounding area.

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Our Facilities

We benefit from having on site access to some fantastic facilities which means you can get pretty much everything you need to take care of your pet under our roof.

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We offer free pet-care advice

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Our rabbit expert Amanda on reception at Chertsey Vets


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